Children learn from the influences around them. Part of growing up is creating the habits that will follow your children throughout their lifetimes and shape them as they mature. Installing a healthy lifestyle in your children when they are young can help build the framework for an entire lifetime of healthy habits. Here are 6 […]

Technology Trends

People from different walks of life are intrigued by the way technology is progressing at a profuse rate, shaping our lives into the digital world!With new tech trends being introduced every quarter and information becoming obsolete as technology evolves, it’s now an obligation to stay relevant and learn about the newest technologies, digital industry, social […]

The benefits of early exposure to applied coding and projects on a child

Coding is very important for kids to understand today’s technology. This is like alanguage with 0’s and 1’s. Early exposure to coding makes kids improve theirproblem-solving skills, communication, creativity, and confidence. Children wholearn to code understand how to plan and organize thoughts. This helps them toimprove their academic performance.Once they start to do coding , […]

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