Children learn from the influences around them. Part of growing up is creating the habits that will follow your children throughout their lifetimes and shape them as they mature. Installing a healthy lifestyle in your children when they are young can help build the framework for an entire lifetime of healthy habits.

Here are 6 ways lead your children toward a healthy lifestyle:Eat at least one meal a day as a family
Eating at least one meal a day as a family ensures that your child is making healthy choices during that time of the day.

Get your children outside and involved
This is another area where you can create these healthy lifestyle habits as a family. Play games in the yard, go on hikes, and just get outside.

Turn off the technology
With technology at every turn, it’s hard to pull your family away from the tube, the computer screen, the phones, the video games and all of the other gadgets that are such a part of everyday life. Communicating in-person with other children and adults establishes social skills that can’t be learned online and are essential for a successful future.

Stack on the support
Talking positively, encouraging your children, and rewarding them with good behaviour helps reinforce good behaviour and healthy habits.

Ask them to participate
Teach your children healthy lifestyle habits by having them help create them in your own home.

Focus on extracurricular activities
Extracurricular activities give your children a chance to make new friends, explore new skills and talents, and increase their self-confidence.

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