As the world is becoming competitive day by day, people are losing their creativity. Everyone is in the race to achieve the same standard. However, there are people who stand out from the crowd with their creative ideas. It is necessary to cultivate innovative thinking; otherwise, the world will be a dull boring place. Teachers have the authority to do so through interactive teaching. Therefore, when kids will learn to think in an innovative manner from an early age, it will enhance their creativity.

Importance of Innovative Thinking

Innovative thinking is not something that can be measured. It does not have any hard and fast rules. But, it is quite important in the educational field. Contrary to basic standards, innovative thinking is as important as the grades of a student. Most importantly, it is a concept which must be encouraged in class to produce creative minds.

“Despite enthusiasm and good intent, too few have paid enough attention to planning, measuring and understanding how technology can assist and accelerate learning. Nor have they considered the unintended consequences of using technology inappropriately—which can seriously undermine learning, wellbeing, socialization, physical and cognitive.

Technology can bring powerful new capabilities to assessment. Traditional assessment, which often takes the form of tests or quizzes, can be enhanced through the use of digital platforms. At a more sophisticated level, analytics can quickly reveal student and class performance.

“Manipulation of physical factors (such as lighting and workspace) can be considered as a positive and practical method of influencing the overall learning environment.”

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