Techniques To Improve & Increase Concentration  Power & Focus In Children


Thinking games:You can train and strengthen a child’s ability to concentrate and focus by playing concentration games that require thinking, planning and the use of memory.

Story Based Games:- To play these games, all you need is a good story book and a good imagination. You can simply read a short story and give the child a pop quiz on the content. Child can also make quiz, animation, stories and many other by coding and programing.

Best reason of learning electronics, robotics, mechatronics part

By having to control a physical robot and seeing what goes wrong, students learn what robots can and can’t do. Robotics helps address the growing demand for teaching science, technology, engineering and maths in schools.

Spot the difference: These help in making your child concentrate for long and helps to improve focus as your child looks into the details. You can choose puzzle boards that are right for your child’s age.

Memory game: Pick a theme, you and your child take turns to add to a sequence of items in that theme. As your child tries to recollect each, they will put to use their memory, thus boosting their concentration power.

Key Elements for Children.

1. Prepare a distraction-free environment.

2. Feed them greens & healthy food to improve concentration

3. Fix a routine to follow for better concentration.’

4. Divide bigger tasks into smaller tasks

5. Understand your child’s method of learning 

6. Prepare your child for the next task

7. Set short time goals for better concentration

8. Set up a reward system

9. Use energy effectively for better concentration

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