The benefits of early exposure to applied coding and projects on a child.

Coding is very important for kids to understand today’s technology. This is like a language with 0’s and 1’s. Early exposure to coding makes kids improve their problem-solving skills, communication, creativity, and confidence. Children who learn to code understand how to plan and organize thoughts. This helps them to improve their academic performance.

Once they start to do coding , slowly they jump to the next step to do some projects.  In this stage, they learn how to work together.  During this stage many times they fail to understand the concepts but they go back and find the solution for that problem. During this process, they learn that every failure is a learning opportunity and not necessarily bad. They grow up without expecting instant gratification.

Learning coding is fun for kids. It helps kids understand that learning does not need to be boring. In the end, they will feel accomplished and ready to take on more.

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